elements magnesium

Dr Bernard Jensen has this to say about Magnesium

Magnesium in the Human body

- Vital for solid teeth & Bones
- Fosters cell growth
- Increases tissue elasticity
- Calms nerves
- Counteracts acid poisoning

- Necessary for Lung and brain function
- Promotes excretory processes
- Adds alkalinity to fluids
- Promotes sleep
- Weak will
- Lowers fever, cools and soothes

Many backaches that patients complain of disappear when Magnesium is added to the diet. The colloids of magnesium silicate, magnesium carbonate and magnesium phosphate are effective in overcoming joint disturbances, especially in the back and lower spinal regions.
Approximately one and one-half ounces of magnesium are found in the body tissues, and at times up to three ounces


elements sulfur

Dr Bernard Jensen has this to say about Sulphur

Sulphur affects every cell

The activity of sulphur reaches every minute cell, enabling it to eliminate toxic substances through agitation.
Each and every drop of blood, nerve fiber and cerebral neuron is affected.

Some signs of Sulphur Deficiency

- Impulsiveness
- Jerkiness, fitfulness
- Stormy emotion
- Mysticism, love of beauty
- Body dryness

- Irritability
- Great temperature changes
- Worry
- Craving for fresh air
- Weak will
- Aversion to early rising

The action is a paradox of hypnosis and revolution; its action is slow, yet accumulative. It resembles a volcano, driving gasses, toxins, germs to the surface for expulsion.


elements boron

Boron deficiency combined with magnesium deficiency is especially damaging to the bones and teeth.

Boron is distributed throughout the body with the highest concentration in the parathyroid glands, followed by bones and dental enamel. It is essential for healthy bone and joint function, regulating the absorption and metabolism of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus through its influence on the parathyroid glands.
With this boron is for the parathyroids what iodine is for the thyroid.

Boron deficiency causes the parathyroids to become overactive, releasing too much parathyroid hormone which raises the blood level of calcium by releasing calcium from bones and teeth.

This then leads to osteoarthritis and other forms of arthritis, osteoporosis and tooth decay. With advancing age high blood levels of calcium lead to calcification of soft tissues causing muscle contractions and stiffness; calcification of endocrine glands, especially the pineal gland and the ovaries; arteriosclerosis, kidney stones, and calcification of the kidneys ultimately leading to kidney failure. Boron deficiency combined with magnesium deficiency is especially damaging to the bones and teeth.

Boron deficiency causes greatly increased amounts of calcium and magnesium to be lost with the urine. A borax supplement will reduce the daily loss of calcium by nearly 50%. As this calcium comes mainly from resorbed bone and teeth, boron deficiency may be the most important factor in causing osteoporosis and tooth decay.
In the mid-20th century, because of faulty research, experts considered boron to be toxic, but studies starting in 1987 showed that it is an important nutrient.
More recent studies show that the mineral boron can help prevent osteoporosis and boost energy utilization, while boron deficiency is related to reduced mental alertness.
Boron affects the use or metabolism of macro-minerals, triglycerides, glucose, amino acids, proteins, reactive oxygen, and estrogen, so it has a positive impact on the brain, skeleton, and immune system

The US, England, Australia and New Zealand generally have average soil-boron levels with an estimated intake of 1 to 2 mg of boron and arthritis rates of about 20%. But Carnarvon in Western Australia has high boron levels in soil and water, and the arthritis rate is only 1%. It is similar in a place called Ngawha Springs in New Zealand with very high boron levels in the spa water which is curative for arthritis. Actually all spas reputedly curing arthritis have very high boron levels. These are also high in Israel with an estimated daily boron intake of 5 to 8 mg and only 0.5 - 1% arthritis.


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