Transdermal Magnesium Oil Spray

Broadly speaking, the following will raise magnesium levels:
Higher intake — eating more magnesium-rich foods, using magnesium bath salts and magnesium oil, or taking oral magnesium supplements
Higher absorption of magnesium in the small intestines, in the case of oral and dietary magnesium
Lower elimination as waste through the gastrointestinal “GI” tract (the stomach, intestines and colon) — transdermal magnesium avoids this issue
Lower excretion by the kidneys
Keep in mind that it has to be in the diet in the first place to be eliminated - rice and wheat both have the Magnesium processed out while making them ‘whiter'.
Magnesium chloride -- Though the magnesium chloride liquid has a concentration of 31% magnesium, it has an impressive absorption rate and is the best form of magnesium to promote detoxification of the cells. Moreover, chloride (not to be confused with chlorine, the toxic gas) aids kidney function and can boost a sluggish metabolism.

Transdermal forms of magnesium have recently gained popularity. It is nice to be able to reap health benefits and be multi-purpose. For instance, Magnesium Oil can be used as a massage oil! Otherwise, you can simply rub it right on your skin.
Some people even use it as a foot soak or in their bath.

 Sports Medicine


Magnesium and Sports Medicine

Transdermal magnesium therapy offers an exciting breakthrough in sports medicine. Coaches can now treat injuries, prevent them, and increase athletic performance all at the same time.
Magnesium Oil enhances recovery from athletic activity or injuries. It reduces pain and inflammation while propagating quicker regeneration of tissues.
Topical application of magnesium chloride increases flexibility, which helps avoid injury. It also increases strength and endurance. Transdermal Magnesium Therapy is a boon for athletes, coaches and doctors who practice sports medicine.

Magnesium Oil can applied directly to inflamed areas

Dr. Jeff Schutt says that hamstring injuries can be avoided through nutritional support because contraction and relaxation is dependent on adequate cellular levels of magnesium. "A shortened hamstring is a result of lack of available magnesium," he says.
Liquid magnesium chloride can be simply sprayed and rubbed into a sore Achilles tendon to decrease swelling. And soaking the feet in a magnesium chloride footbath is the single best thing – apart from stretching – that you can do for yourself to protect from, or recover from hamstring and other injuries.

Transdermal delivery of medicines is generally considered safer, more efficient, convenient and less uncomfortable than injections or IV’s.

What I have found is that magnesium chloride, applied transdermally, is the ideal magnesium delivery system with health benefits unequalled in the entire world of medicine.
Nothing short of a miracle is to be expected with increases in the cellular levels of magnesium if those levels have been depleted.
There is no wonder drug that can claim, in the clear, what magnesium chloride can do. Most people will show dramatic improvements in the state of their health when they replenish their magnesium levels in an effective manner.

Most people will show dramatic improvements in the state of their health when they replenish their cellular magnesium levels in an effective manner.

As related in Dr Dean’s Book Magnesium Miracle page 248 revision 2014;
Norman Shealy M.D., Ph.D. a neurosurgeon states that sufficient magnesium is notoriously difficult to absorb orally and further states the best oral preparation Magnesium Taurate requires oral supplementation for 6 to 12 months to restore intracellular levels, but with skin application of magnesium oil with a concentration of 25% magnesium chloride restores intracellular levels within 4 to 6 weeks. How much our 31% lessens the time needed is open to debate, but for sure it is based on daily applications.

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