Time to make sure that you move away from the 'Magnesium Deficient' group.

We felt it was important to make Ancient Magnesium Chloride oil available more simply and at a cheaper price.
To this end we set up Magnesium Health NZ and imported the oil directly from the underground Zechstein mines in Holland and in the process removed many intermediate handling steps that add cost to so many products.

There are fundamental biological reasons why magnesium chloride was chosen by early researchers into its use as a cancer treatment.
Magnesium exhibits its maximum valence in combination with chloride.
Magnesium chloride is the ideal oxidizing and reducing agent in the tissues.
This combination has apparently been selected by nature to stimulate intercellular and intracellular change.
The great versatility of this combination to reduce and oxidize brings about ionization, and therefore a normal functioning of the cells.

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