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Magnesium+Boron+Sulphur Oil

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Why This!

Time to make sure that you move away from the

'Magnesium Deficient' group.

Collin & Karl ably assisted by Chris, felt it was important to make Ancient Magnesium Chloride oil available more simply and at a cheaper price.

To this end we set up Magnesium Health NZ and imported the oil directly from the the underground Zechstein mines in Holland and in the process removed many intermediate handling steps that add cost to so many products.

From Dr Mercola - Is it even possible to measure your Magnesium Levels;

Due to the difficulty with determining magnesium status in your tissues, there's really not a good lab test today that will provide an accurate assessment.

Additionally, only about 1% of the magnesium in your body is distributed in your blood.

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