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Dr Carolyn Dean adds this critical info;

Magnesium itself is a co-factor and responsible for the function of more than 700 enzymes; is an absolute requirement for calcium to be incorporated into bone; keeps toxic chemicals out of the brain; dances with calcium to create nerve impulses and muscle impulses; keeps muscles relaxed, including the heart and blood vessels, and triggers dozens of health conditions if it is deficient.

Red highlight mine - and the best orthodox Docs can do is prescribe Fosamax - the drug that many studies show will make ones bones brittle. Most know someones Grandmother who fell and broke a hip/leg/ etc. and the poor outcome from that.

This Magnesium Chloride does not have the difficulties that are posed by Magnesium Sulphate which is favoured by the conventional medical system.

Dr Dean goes on to say;

Magnesium oil is supersaturated magnesium chloride and because it’s used topically it doesn’t cause a laxative effect. And I find it really does work. I seem to have a very high requirement for magnesium and to get enough by mouth I can have a laxative reaction—but if I use magnesium oil, I only need to take half the amount of magnesium by mouth and therefore avoid loose stools.

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